It takes more than money to build the educational environment we want for the students at La Honda Elementary. Volunteers are central to all that we do. And you don't need to have a child at the school to donate your time. Volunteer opportunities at La Honda Elementary include helping in the school garden, in the library, at a fundraiser, in a classroom or on one of Principal Lindstrom's school-wide projects. Or is there another way you'd like to help?



The La Honda Educational Foundation relies on direct donations to reach our fundraising goals. For the 2016-17 school year we have committed $35,500 to enrichment programs at La Honda Elementary. Every dollar you donate goes directly to meeting this commitment. You can donate directly, by check to "La Honda Educational Foundation" or "LHEF", mailed to: LHEF PO Box 225 La Honda, CA 94020 Or donate on-line using Paypal.


Board members generally serve three-year terms and serve on standing committees and actively participate as needed. If you would like to become involved with LHEF as a volunteer rather than pursuing a position on the Board, we invite you to serve on LHEF committees for events or fundraising efforts taking place throughout the year. For committee involvement and to contribute to enhancing each La Honda Elementary School student’s educational experience, please contact us at