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La Honda Educational Foundation (LHEF) was founded in 1991 by a group of parents who wanted to provide more services to La Honda Elementary School than state funding would allow. LHEF is a 501(c)3, all-volunteer organization so your donations and purchases are tax deductible. All the money we raise goes to fund enrichment programs for La Honda Elementary students.


President: Tanya Robinette

Vice President: Lindsay Hull

Treasurer: Kim Machado

Secretary: Vacant

Board Members:

Penelope Gunning

Kristen Lindstrom

Dustin Robinette

Caroline Day

Jessica Lucas Ingram

 The goals of La Honda Elementary School are to introduce children to the art and joy of learning

by giving specific attention to:


* Providing a balanced, well-defined curriculum focusing on fundamental skills and                   knowledge.

* Setting standards of excellence.

* Recognizing that children are individuals.

* Fostering an appreciation of the world around us by providing enriching experiences.

* Helping students to have positive feelings about themselves.

* Maximizing the unique opportunities for parent and community involvement.


John Sears opened the first La Honda School in 1870, in the second building erected in town.

Even in those early days, the townspeople of La Honda recognized the importance of a

community school. For almost 140 years, La Honda Elementary School

has educated its community’s children.

Our Tax ID Number is 943138629

To learn more about La Honda Elementary School, check out their website



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